Delgany and District Horticultural Society

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History of our Society


The society can trace its route back to the late 1870's when the Delgany and Greystones Cottage Garden society staged shows in the area.

The La Touche Family who were major land owners in the area were supportive of the society. The family were strong in their encouragement of gardening and horticultural traditions. They also helped cottagers develop other home craft skills such as butter making, shirt sowing and garden broom making.

Between 1897 and 1901 the flower and industry show was held in the school house in Delgany.

In 1907 the first annual show of the East Wicklow Horticultural Society was staged at Killincarrick Demesne.

In 1927 the first Greystones, Delgany and Districts' flower show was held in the Trafalgar hall in Greystones.

The society in its current name was founded in 1944.

Three shows are held annually by the society. The Daffodil show in March/April, the Rose Show in June/July and the Dahlia Show in August.

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